Thank you for being here to read along with our story. I have felt compelled to start this blog for a while, but as in most things bold and brave, I naturally cowered for a while. I made it my goal for the New Year to actually get started, and 28 days later here we are. This first post I just want to share my heart behind this blog. I apologize in advance for those who are grammar savvy and like good organization in what they read. This post may make you cringe as I am really just typing and seeing where my thoughts go this morning as my little one snoozes in front of his Christmas tree. I also will likely start and stop writing multiple times before finishing this and every other post because I have a needy little diva who loves his mama a whole lot.

This is our family: me, Brooke, Alex, my husband, and Evan, our little miracle. Our boy is eight and a half months old, and in that time we have experienced joys and sorrows deeper than we ever could have imagined.

Our tiny man has changed us in so many ways. For me, he has given me a new purpose in this life. I spend most of my days fighting and advocating for his health and well-being. But I don’t want to stop there. I want to fight and advocate for other babies like him and other families like us. He is a special baby–in the most simple terms, he is a giant question mark. There is so much we do not know about him still medically. But what we do know is this: he is a miracle. He is a fighter. He is a picture of heaven. His life has radically deepened my faith and spurred me to share truth in as many ways as I can.

I want this blog to be a place of truth. My truth in being Evan’s mama. The truth about who God created him to be. The truth about what it’s like to be a special needs family. I want to educate, answer questions, share joys, share pain. In my new role as a stay-at-home mama, I am realizing how much of a blessing social media can be. Because we are confined to the house and only leave for doctor’s appointments in order to keep Evan safe from germs, the majority of my social interactions happen on my phone and the computer. My hope is that this space will be a way to connect, share experiences, and empower those navigating their way through uncertainty.

I titled this blog Everyday Evan for a reason. The word “everyday” is used to describe normal things. Evan is our normal. He is fearfully and wonderfully made, perfect in the eyes of his Creator. Perfect in our eyes. We love him with a love that cannot be described. This is us. This is our story. Here we are.


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  • Beautifully written! I am a friend of your Aunt Betsy, I believe you know my sister,Barb. I have been praying for Evan and your family since before he was born and will continue praying for you. God bless you and your wonderful little miracle.

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