So, we are doing a thing. We love NICU families, and we want to serve them in anyway we can. One way is through volunteering on our NICU’s Parent Advisory Board. Another is praying over these families. Soon, I hope to become a mentor for NICU parents. I guess one way is this blog? I don’t always know who I am reaching with this, but I pray there are NICU mamas and papas on here. But, anyway, we have a new way, and it is awesome y’all.

While Evan was still in the NICU, Alex bought me a new Cricut cutting machine, so I could make Evan cute custom onesies to bring me joy in a hard time. I think this machine is the best gift he’s ever given me. Anyone who knows me and sees pictures of Evan, knows that he wears a custom onesie almost every day. I am obsessed with making them. It is so much fun and weirdly relaxing.

So back to this thing we are doing. We’re making onesies for NICU babies. On Evan’s birthday, we made our first delivery to Carilion Children’s. Our hope is to keep this project going as long as possible. We recently started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the supplies needed to make these NICU Graduate shirts.

How cute are they?!

If you want to help us, we would be so grateful! I recently ran into a woman at Carter’s when I was buying more onesies, and she knew a baby who got one when he left the NICU last week. She told me it was such a sweet gift to the family and that they loved it. How cool is that? I did not think that I would meet anyone who got one of these shirts any time soon, but there she was sending me a wink from God letting me know that this was a good thing we are doing. We have a little ministry card that we are attaching to all the onesies. It has an encouraging note from us, a verse that helped us through the NICU (Psalm 61:2), and a link to this blog.

I told you that there was making in the breaking. He is bringing good to His Kingdom out of a place of uncertainty and pain.

I do need a little more help though. I hate calling this “Evan’s NICU Graduate Project.” It’s so boring and uninspired. Can y’all give me some suggestions for this? One day, we may turn this into a non-profit and offer even more to these sweet families, so it needs to be good! Leave a comment or email me through the blog with your suggestions.

Thank you for joining with us!


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  • Thank you so much for blessing our “little” one(born at 37 weeks weighing 11lb 11oz with respiratory distress) and us with this sweet onesie. It was very much appreciated. May God continue to bless your sweet family.

  • You can tell the difference between a mere idea and one inspired by the Holy Spirit. I was smiling all through the post, this endeavour sure was from the Spirit. It is incredibly sweet, poignant and pulsing with a joyful luminosity. So many babies are going to fill to bursting those lovely onesies. I can just imagine myself, getting ready to check out of NICU, happy, relieved but exhausted and perhaps nervous too over what lies beyond the bend. Then comes this little gift, from a pair of brave and selfless parents. Strength and hope now flood the gullies of fear and worry that once lined my heart.

    No greater gift can one NICU parent give another.

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